Architectural Restoration

AMClad is a rigid and durable composite ideal for indoor and outdoor architecture projects and restoration. Leveraging binder jetting technology allows us to print medium to large parts with versatile surface finishing options. Combined with our digital design equipment and expertise, Freshmade 3D can provide a complete solution for a wide range of projects. 

What's AMClad®

Freshmade 3D developed a value-add product called AMClad®,
which takes advantage of the fast output and large-scale
capabilities offered by ExOne sand printers. AMClad® products
start as fragile 3D printed sand parts provided by Humtown
Products in Leetonia, OH,  which are then processed into durable
and functional parts used for hard tooling, prototypes and end
use parts across many industries.

Currently On Display At the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration

AMClad Tooling 

  • Composite Tooling

  • Vacuum Forming

  • Compression Molds

  • Urethane Casting Molds

  • Trim Fixtures

  • Hydro Forming 

  • Sheet Metal Stamping

AMClad Tooling Benefits 

  • ​Durable Material

  • Cost Effective

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Versatile Surface Finishes

  • Multiple Parts Can Be Bonded For Large Tools 


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