Medium to Large-Scale Creative 3D Printing

What's AMClad®

Freshmade 3D developed a patented material called AMClad®,
which takes advantage of the fast output and large-scale
capabilities of binder jetting 3D printing technology. AMClad® products start as fragile 3D printed sand parts  which are then processed into durable and functional parts used for hard tooling, prototypes and end use parts across many industries.

Volney Rogers Statue Reproductions

The Mill Creek MetroParks Foundation commissioned Freshmade 3D to 3D scan an original statue of Volney Rogers, the founder of Mill Creek Park. The purpose of the project was to create two scaled down versions of the statue to present as awards to the top donors of the foundation. Freshmade 3D managed the entire workflow and used AMClad® to create the 15" replica statues. 


Here's a look at the first outdoor installation of an AMClad product. We reproduced eight capital volutes using digital design tools and our patented AMClad technology. Installed on the exterior of Bentley Hall at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA, we expect the reproductions to last just as long as the originals (over 150 years)! Additionally, Freshmade 3D using in-house 3D scanning equipment to capture the shape of the large scrolls featured on the cupola. 

AMClad products have certifications for interior and exterior architectural uses and offer advantages over traditional manufacturing methods.

Bentley Hall Restoration at Allegheny College

AMClad® Sign
AMClad® Narnia Book Spines
AMClad® Book Cover
AMClad® LOTR Book Spines

St. Paul Christian Academy C.S. Lewis/Inklings Library

Commissioned by St. Paul Christian Academy in Nashville, TN in 2018, Freshmade 3D was responsible for populating their C.S. Lewis Library with artifacts relating to the famous author and the group of writers he belonged to called the Inklings. Many AMClad® parts were needed to fill the large elevated shelves with oversized objects able to be seen from ground level.

Each AMClad® item was designed and painted by Freshmade 3D. It’s estimated by using AMClad®, Freshmade 3D was able to save St. Paul Christian Academy over 50% in cost compared to using other large-scale 3D printing technologies.

Freshmade 3D collaborated with Hasenstab Architects from Akron, OH in 2017 to produce key components of an art display for the new Akron Children’s Hospital in the Mahoning Valley, OH. The architects needed to create oversized animals for the art display in the main lobby so they turned to 3D printing as a potential solution for production. AMClad® presented itself as the best approach after learning it would be more affordable, faster, and result in a higher quality finished product compared to other 3D printing technologies.

Akron Children's Hospital Mahoning Valley 

In 2016, Freshmade 3D was approached by the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber to 3D print two life-size bobbleheads of the presidential candidates for the election taking place in 2016. The chamber had a limited budget and existing large-scale 3D printing technologies were cost prohibitive. Freshmade 3D turned to sand 3D printing as a potential solution, but first had to address the challenge of transforming the fragile sand parts in into functional and durable parts. A solution called AMClad® was developed after initial testing indicated it would meet the chamber’s budget and provide a high-quality end product

Life-Size Presidential Candidate Bobbleheads

Architectural Restoration

AMClad is a rigid and durable composite ideal for indoor and outdoor architecture projects and restoration. Leveraging binder jetting technology allows us to print medium to large parts with versatile surface finishing options. Combined with our digital design equipment and expertise, Freshmade 3D can provide a complete solution for a wide range of projects. 

Currently On Display At the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration