3D Scanning

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We use our industry leading 3D scanning equipment and software to collect thousands of data points that create point clouds. We then use the point cloud data to create highly accurate 3D CAD models of the physical part for a wide range of applications including reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, part analysis and more.

3D Scanning Equipment

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FARO Edge ScanArm HD

Volumetric Accuracy: ±.091mm (±.0035in)


Artec Eva

Accuracy: +0.1mm


Artec Spider

Accuracy: +0.05mm


Structured Light Scanner


Artistic 3D Scanning

3D scanning is a versatile technology benefitting many industries. From architecture firms to museums, 3D scanning helps by digitizing worn or damaged parts into a digital format from which repairs or improvements can be made. Once the digital file is complete, it be used to remake the part using 3D printing or a traditional manufacturing method.